Telephone Voting

Simply Voting offers an automated telephone voting solution which can be used alone or in conjunction with internet and/or paper voting. The advantage of telephone voting is that it does not require a computer or internet access to vote. Voice prompts for telephone voting are recorded by a professional voice artist and the system makes a good impression and is easy to comprehend.

How It Works

A toll-free or local number is provisioned and connected to your account. Voters call the designated phone number and are prompted to authenticate their identity. The voter enters their credentials using a touch-tone dialpad and the system checks whether they have not yet voted. If that is the case, the voter is prompted to select from the options of each question, one question at a time, and finally to confirm their choices. When the voter confirms a ballot, the results are encrypted and stored anonymously. The voter is issued a receipt (accessible only online) and is now blocked from voting for this election again. Since Simply Voting never allows a voter to vote twice, telephone voting may proceed at the same time as internet voting.

Secure & Reliable

For telephone voting, Simply Voting uses industry leader Plum Voice as a voice-to-web interface layered on top of our online voting system. Every component in the Plum Voice, fault-tolerant infrastructure has a backup and Plum's platforms have been tested by billions of calls since 2000. Plum's PCI Level 1 compliant operation actively secures and protects applications and data from digital, physical, and social intrusion vectors. Thanks to Plum Voice's flexible technology Simply Voting can easily scale up or down the number of dedicated ports needed, and the telephone voting system can handle spikes well beyond that number.