Custom Solutions

Election requirements can vary drastically by industry, by region, and from one organization to another. Fortunately Simply Voting is not one-size-fits-all and we offer customizations to the voting technology. Our experienced and talented development team can deliver anything from a simple re-labelling of a button to extremely complex methods of counting ballots. Please tell us about your requirements, and we will present a solution.


How It Works

  1. After an initial interview to discuss the requirements, Simply Voting will propose a solution detailing the new functionality, cost and development time.
  2. Upon acceptance of the proposal, Simply Voting will prioritize the work in our development schedule.
  3. Work begins. Development of your custom solution will follow the same strict procedures as any work on our core voting system. The functionality will be thoroughly tested and will undergo a security audit.
  4. Simply Voting will provide a demo of your custom solution for your approval. If necessary we will make changes according to your feedback until the solution meets your needs.