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Simply Voting is a web-based online voting system that will help you manage your elections easily and securely. Try casting a ballot in our demo or sign up to run a free test vote.

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Over 4000 organizations from 67 countries rely on Simply Voting for their election needs. Our secure protocols, ease-of-use and flexible solutions transform elections across industries.

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Municipal Elections

Simply Voting offers a secure and efficient online voting solution for municipal elections. Citizens may vote using either their computer or telephone. Our system is completely secure, anonymous, and well suited for small towns and large cities alike.


Overall Time-line

Simply Voting's basic “one-step” solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with offline balloting (e.g. paper or touchscreen balloting), but also allows for a completely internet & telephone based election. Note that if the municipality uses Live Voter List technology, online and offline voting may overlap.

  1. As soon as practical, Simply Voting will assign an Elections Director to the project and conduct a kickoff meeting with municipal staff. Simply Voting will develop a detailed implementation plan.
  2. Two to three months before election day Simply Voting will conduct a test election with the participation of municipal staff.
  3. Voter Information Letters containing PINs are timed to arrive 5 days before any voting begins.
  4. Optional: Advance polls may be held for one day (or a few days) as usual, using offline balloting. After the last day of advance polls, an electronic list of everyone who voted must be provided to Simply Voting before online voting can begin, to prevent anyone from voting twice. Advance polls are optional, as the online voting period could be considered as one big advance poll. The use of advance polls does not affect the cost of using Simply Voting.
  5. Online voting occurs sandwiched between any advance polls and any election day poll. The online voting period can last 1 week or longer, or could even be shorter. It may not overlap with any offline balloting. A Revisions Office and Voter Help Desk will be open during this period. When the online voting period closes, a report of which electors had voted will be provided immediately to the town Clerk or other designated official.
  6. Optional: Election day polls may be held as usual, using offline balloting. The only difference is that the electoral rolls distributed to poll clerks will have any online voters pre-crossed-out, according to the report provided by Simply Voting. The use of election day polls does not affect the cost of using Simply Voting.

Election Set-Up

Simply Voting staff will set up the ballots according to the specifications provided by municipal election officials. This includes branding the voting website, ballot creation, preparation and uploading of the list of electors, generating numeric passwords for each elector, setting opening and closing dates, providing municipal election officials with a preview of the ballots and making any necessary changes.

Simply Voting will print a Voter Information Letter on your municipality's letterhead containing the voter's address and personalized voting instructions for both web-based and telephone voting. The letter is folded and inserted inside a #10 high-security window envelope with return address, then inducted with the post office. Municipal election officials will never have access to voter passwords and the integrity of your election is safeguarded.

Next, we record professional voice prompts for telephone voting that will make a good impression and be easy to comprehend. A toll-free number is provisioned and connected to your municipality's voting website.

Internet Voting

Voters arrive at your branded voting website and authenticate their identity with their numeric password. The voter will be presented with a list of any ongoing elections. If the voter hasn't yet voted, the voter may click on the election and a tamper-proof electronic ballot will appear. When the voter submits a ballot, the results are encrypted and kept anonymous. The voter is issued a receipt and is now blocked from voting for this election again. As voting proceeds Simply Voting staff will report on mid-election turnout upon request.

Telephone Voting

Voters call a dedicated toll-free or local number and are prompted to authenticate their identity. The voter enters their numeric password using a touch-tone dialpad and the system checks whether they have not yet voted. If that is the case, the voter is prompted to select from the options of each question, one question at a time, and finally to confirm their choices. When the voter confirms a ballot, the results are encrypted and stored anonymously. The voter is issued a receipt (accessible only online) and is now blocked from voting for this election again. Since Simply Voting never allows a voter to vote twice, telephone voting may proceed at the same time as internet voting.


Your municipality will operate at least one revisions office to assist voters who are missing from or incorrectly entered on the municipal list of eligible voters. The revision officer(s) will be provided with training and access to our secure Election Manager website to handle the following situations that may arise:

Missing Electors: The revision officer may add electors that were missing on the list of eligible voters. Their PIN may then be retrieved and printed on a blank Voter Information Letter to allow them to vote.

Ineligible Electors: The revision officer may delete electors that are duplicated, deceased or otherwise ineligible to vote, cancelling the PIN.

Incorrect Electors: The revision officer may correct an elector's name, address, ward or district as necessary.

Lost Letters: The revision officer may replace the PIN of electors that lost or never received a Voter Information Letter. The new PIN may then be retrieved and printed on a blank Voter Information Letter to allow them to vote.

Stolen Letters: If an elector cannot vote because the voting system reports they have already voted, even though they have not voted, the revision officer may replace the PIN and allow a re-vote. The new PIN may then be retrieved and printed on a blank Voter Information Letter to allow her to vote.

All modifications to the list of electors and all PIN retrievals are logged to ensure the integrity of and allow the auditing of the revisions process.


Once voting has ended the results will be reported to municipal election officials immediately. We can optionally publish the results to your municipality's voting website so that anyone will be able to verify the results by downloading a file containing votes and receipt codes.

Some of our Clients
  • Canada’s NDP
  • University of Minnesota
  • California Teachers Association
  • IATA
  • Canadian Football League Players' Association
  • Rotary International
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