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Cooperative Elections

Simply Voting offers solutions to cooperatives of all kinds, ranging from electrical co-ops to credit unions to producer cooperatives. Online voting is an excellent opportunity to increase engagement with cooperative membership. It is also increases participation and helps cooperatives meet their quorum for annual meetings.


  • Weavers Way
  • Grain Train
  • Chicago Market
  • Modo
  • Centralized Supply Chain Services
  • National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA

Online Election Perfection

Simply Voting is a web-based online voting system that will help you manage your elections easily and securely. Try casting a ballot in our demo or sign up to run a free test vote

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About Simply Voting

Over 4000 organizations from 67 countries rely on Simply Voting for their election needs. Our secure protocols, ease-of-use and flexible solutions transform elections across industries.

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Some of our Clients
  • Canada’s NDP
  • University of Minnesota
  • California Teachers Association
  • IATA
  • Canadian Football League Players' Association
  • Rotary International
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